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Hafiz Muhammad Irfaan
Madrasah Instructor

Hafiz Muhammad Irfan is a devoted Pakistani individual who has achieved the remarkable
blessing of
completing the memorization of the Holy Qur’an. Born in Karachi, Hafiz Muhammad Irfan
exhibited an early passion for the teaching of Islam and a strong desire to deepen his
understanding of the Qur’an.
He then went on to serve the community of Ontario for 7 years as an Imam, a leader and an
astounding educator of the Qur’an. He recently moved to Surrey, British Columbia where he
was recruited to become the main Madrasah teacher for the Abu Huraira Academy in
From a young age, Hafiz Muhammad Irfan demonstrated a keen interest in religious studies
with the
support of his family and the local community, he began his formal education in Islamic studies,
attending Madni Masjid Madrasa. Hafiz Muhammad Irfan’s dedication and diligence quickly
became apparent as he excelled in his studies, impressing his teachers and peers with his
memory skills and understanding of the Qur’anic text.
At the age of 14, Hafiz Muhammad Irfan embarked on the monumental journey of memorizing
entire Qur’an. With unwavering determination and guidance from the esteemed scholar,
Hazrat Maulana Mufti Anwar Ilahi Sahib DB.
Hafiz Muhammad Irfan committed countless hours to the meticulous process of memorization.
The journey was not without its challenges, but Hafiz Muhammad Irfan’s faith, perseverance,
and belief in the transformative power of the Quran sustained him through difficult moments.
Throughout his memorization journey, Hafiz Muhammad Irfan experienced profound spiritual
growth. The act of committing each verse to memory allowed him to delve deep into the
teachings of the Quran, internalizing its wisdom and guidance. He found solace and inspiration
in the verses, and his relationship with Allah deepend as he absorbed the profound meanings of
the text.
Hafiz Muhammad Irfan, his true strength lies in the field of starting and executing Islamic
projects namely Madrasas. he is also quietly reliable for intervention for helping with disputes
proper resolution. He is a student of Aalim course and is regularly available on advice to the
general community with particular emphasis on the Hanafi Fiqh as well as assisting in other
Fiqhs in conjunction with other scholars where required. Hafiz Muhammad Irfan personal
qualities have been characteristics of compassion, empathy, and a strong commitment to his
faith. He is a loving Husband and father.